Heavy Duty shakers from Ohaus: a guide through the 8 different models

The Heavy Duty shakers from Ohaus are powerful orbital shakers which maximize your sample processing and increase efficiency in your lab through their consistent shaking and mixing action. The devices can be used for a large number of applications. As such, they are particularly suitable for cell cultures, solubility studies, extractions, bacteria and yeast cultures and suspensions, protein studies and staining or destaining.

Although the shakers come in all shapes and sizes, they share some common features. They all have a construction of cold-rolled steel (20% stronger) and are equipped with a robust and maintenance-free brushless DC motor for extended use. In addition, they have a built-in platform, with a size that depends on the specific model, and a non-slip rubber mat. For best results, the samples should be centered on the shaker platform with even weight distribution to boost balance and stability. To tailor the device to your specific needs and samples, over 75 optional accessories are available, such as different types of platforms, flask clamps and test tube racks.

Analog vs. digital

So that you know which Heavy Duty shaker is most suitable for your purposes, we will guide you through the range of eight models from Ohaus, each with different functionalities, speeds and capacities.

The difference between the models is mainly technological in nature, because the functions depend on the type of device: analog or digital. The digital variants offer precise speed control and are ideal for the reproducibility of results, while the analog shakers are a cost-effective alternative.

The two analog Heavy Duty shakers in the Ohaus range, the SHHD1619AL and the SHHD2325AL, work with control knobs with dial markings to set the speed and duration. For the six digital models, SHHD1619DG, SHHD2325DG, SHHD4525DG, SHHD4550DG, SHHD6825DG and SHHD6850DG, those parameters can be controlled via a touchpad and they are displayed separately on two LED displays, allowing the user to view both simultaneously.

Two other differences between both types are the timer and speed. Both the analog and digital shakers have a timer, but the former can be set from 1 to 120 minutes, while the latter can be set from 1 second to 160 hours. The speed also varies according to model. The speed range for the analog models is always 25 to 500 rpm. The digital models, on the other hand, are available in three different speeds: 15 to 300 rpm (SHHD4550DG and SHHD6850DG), 15 to 500 rpm (SHHD1619DG, SHHD4525DG and SHHD6825DG) and 20 to 500 rpm (SHHD2325DG).

Moreover, the digital models have a lot of functionalities that will make your lab work safer. Your samples enjoy enhanced protection thanks to the speed ramp function which gradually increases the speed to the set point to avoid splashing. Furthermore the load sensor immediately detects unbalanced conditions and automatically reduces the speed to a safe pace. Finally, the overload protection ensures that the motor stops if the shaker cannot rotate or is overloaded.

Besides safety, the digital Heavy Duty shakers fully focus on user comfort. By pressing and holding the standby button and simultaneously pressing briefly the on or off button, you can set in motion the automatic self-calibration of the device. This function is activated when the speed display shows 'CAL', after which the unit will shake for about 1 minute and the calibration will be performed. In addition, the digital shakers offer the possibility of two-way communication for data logging and unit control thanks to the RS232 interface.

Want to see an orbital shaker at work?

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An overview of the 8 different Heavy Duty shakers: capacity & orbit

In addition to the analog/digital division, the Heavy Duty Shakers from Ohaus also differ in capacity (16 to 68 kg) and orbit (19 to 50 mm). These concern respectively the maximum weight of the samples that the devices can shake and the diameter of the orbit, created during the circular shaking movement. You can already deduce these three characteristics from the model name of the 8 types, but so that you can distinguish them at a glance, we will list them below in a clear overview:

  1. SHHD1619AL (A41676): analog, capacity: 16 kg, orbit: 19 mm
  2. SHHD1619DG (A41677): digital, capacity: 16 kg, orbit: 19 mm
  3. SHHD2325AL (A41680): analog, capacity: 23 kg, orbit: 25 mm
  4. SHHD2325DG (A41328): digital, capacity: 23 kg, orbit: 25 mm
  5. SHHD4525DG (A41681): digital, capacity: 45 kg, orbit: 25 mm
  6. SHHD4550DG (A41682): digital, capacity: 45 kg, orbit: 50 mm
  7. SHHD6825DG (A41683): digital, capacity: 68 kg, orbit: 25 mm
  8. SHHD6850DG (A41684): digital, capacity: 68 kg, orbit: 50 mm

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