Article 7: delivery times

The delivery times provided by NOVOLAB Ltd. are approximate and are provided for informative purposes. The delivery time provided reflects the delay between the time at which the order was placed and the time at which the goods leave the warehouses or factories of NOVOLAB Ltd.; thus not the time at which the goods are due to be delivered to the client. Delivery delays will by no means be compensated and can under no circumstances give the client the right to break agreement or to refuse reception of the goods. Refunds can not be obtained on these grounds either. Coincidence and superiority give NOVOLAB Ltd. the right to break her obligations, partly or entirely, or to suspend the order without further notice or compensation.


Article 8: Delivery- location and conditions

With respect to the location for the delivery, it is understood that it must be possible to roll the goods to the delivery location and that it is readily accessible (i.e. corridors, elevators  - no stairs). NOVOLAB Ltd. is entitled to charge extra delivery costs if the delivery location is not freely accessible.

The transport of goods is linked to the incoterms agreed on with the client.

Our standard incoterm is EX works.

If the client does not provide timely shipping instructions, NOVOLAB Ltd. is entitled to charge a monthly storage fee as of the date of storage. Payment is due in full as of the first day of the month. NOVOLAB Ltd. is also entitled to store the goods in a storage room, at the clients' risk and cost, with a simple letter of default.

For the return shipment of repaired goods, shipping costs may be charged (according to the conditions mentioned in article 5).

Team Novolab is here for you
Team Novolab is here for you