NOVOLAB NV, started in 1984, has since evolved as a supplier of laboratory supplies, through a fast and customer-oriented service, coupled with a well-considered pricing policy.
Our range is constantly being expanded with high-quality products. Today, Novolab offers a complete range of disposables, small materials and reagents for virtually any type of laboratory. Not only the clinical laboratory or the hospital, but also universities, research laboratories and industrial laboratories have become our field of work.

We carefully choose our manufacturers. Each and every one is the company for whom a strict quality assurance is of paramount importance

In order to meet the growing demand in an efficient manner, we moved into a new building in the Geraardsberg industrial zone a few years ago.


Quality High quality and constant in terms of the wide product range; manufacturers and suppliers were carefully selected.

We are particularly valued for our customer-oriented, personal and very fast approach to questions, problems, documentation requests, etc.

A "small" customer does not exist in our eyes.

Speed We deliver the items from our stock within 24 hours. Extremely urgent questions are dealt with immediately as much as possible.


Distribution and sale of:

Consumables, supplies, reagents, chemicals, small appliances, material for hygiene and safety. Repairs, maintenance and calibrations of pipettes.