Vetriplast-10 - counting chamber for urine sediments

Sales Unit
2000 pcs

In the Vetriplast slide with counting grid, the microscopic counting of the cells present in the urine sediment, is based on the same principle of the glass counting chambers actually present on the market (Bürker, Thoma-Zeiss, Neubauer).

The above mentioned counting chambers determine, through appropriate calculations, the number of the cells per ml present in a sample of urine. The surface on which the sample is spread in the chamber is divided in spaces defined by a grid.

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Inside the squares, the volume of the samples is predetermined and consequently, througha calculation procedure, there is a direct connection between the number of cells counted and the whole amount in the urine sample under examination.Vetriplast slide is different from the traditional glass counting chamber for its easiness in the use. It helps the operator in the daily routine and decreases drastically some possible causesof error with the use of such chambers.

In the Vetriplast slide the volume of the samples limited by the grid is pre-determined and constant in all the cells (every slide is subject to strict quality controls during the production). The area delimited by the grid is 3 x 3mm divided in 9 squares with a side of 1 mm each. Every square of 1 mm side is further divided in 9 small squares with a side of 0,333mm. Every grid is divided in 81 small squares with a side of 0,333mm.

0,9 ul - the whole counting grid
0,1 ul - each of the 9 squares of 1x1 mm side
0,0111 ul - each of the 9 small squares of
0,333 x 0,333 mm side

More Information
Manufacturer reference 211710
eclass 32011607
leadtime 15
UNSPSC code 41122601
Sales Unit 2000 pcs
Reference A17668
Type simple

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