Sharps containers AP Medical DISPO Line


AP Medical Sharps Round Disposable Containers (DISPO Line) :
The APMedical DISPO line of round Sharps containers are available in a range of 8 single use, conical shape, puncture resistant containers for sharp and cutting waste disposal.
The lid / closure is permanent and inviolable to prevent waste leakage. The high container resistance guarantees top quality and safety. All models have permanent and temporary closures, a wide opening for the disposal of larger materials and three indents for the needles and insulin pen removal.

Excellent stability with suction cup support
Practical opening system
Easy assembly
Includes indents for insulin pen and needle removal
Wide opening for the disposal of larger material
No emission of any harmful gas during the incineration process
Maximum filling level indicator
Permanent and temporary closure options
Various supports available, please contact us for more information

For additional information about accessories (trolleys, trays,…) please contact us

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Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
sharps container round DISPO Line 0,5 L, yellow/red Reference A26101 Sales Unit 187 pcs
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sharps container round 0,7 L DISPO Line, yellow/red Reference A31100 Sales Unit 176 pcs
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sharps container round type DISPO 1 L, yellow/red Reference A32141 Sales Unit 140 pcs
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sharps container round DISPO Line 1,5 L, yellow/red Reference A24646 Sales Unit 100 pcs
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sharps container round DISPO Line2 L, yellow/red Reference A00313 Sales Unit 80 pcs
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sharps container round type DISPO 2,5L, yellow/red Reference A30442 Sales Unit 55 pcs
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sharps container round DISPO Line 3 L, yellow/red Reference A38877 Sales Unit 60 pcs
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sharps container round DISPO Line 4 L, yellow/red Reference A24647 Sales Unit 40 pcs
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The AP Medical sharps containers Dispo Line obtained following certificates :
• UN-Certificate
• ISO 23907-Kite Mark
• NF-Certificate

The UN marking can be obtained only by passing the following tests:
- Drop Test: the containers are filled with granular material to 45% of their actual
capacity in kilograms, and after a cooling in refrigerator (24 hours at a
temperature of -18 °) are dropped from a height of 120 cm. The impact is tested
for 6 different positions. The test is positive if there are no breakages or loss of
- Stacking Test: the containers are superimposed with a load equivalent to stacking
height of 3 meters (including the test sample) for a period of 24 hours.. The test is
positive if there are no breakages or loss of material.
Once approved, each container is assigned a specific code, which certifies the
passing of the tests.

ISO 23907 – Kite Mark:
ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies).
This International Standard specifies requirements for single-use sharps containers intended to hold potentially hazardous sharps medical waste with or without sharps protection features, e.g. scalpel blades, trocars, hypodermic needles and syringes.
The New ISO 23907 produced a change in the necessary requirements Sharps containers must comply with in order to be considered secure:
•Container stability (Minimum inclination of 15°, the container shall not topple over)
•Strength of handles (Fill the container with a mass equivalent to 150% of the maximum gross mass; suspend for an hour.)
•Aperture and closures (It shall be possible to place sharps into the container without using a second hand to manipulate the aperture. The permanent closure, once activated, shall be resistant to manual opening.)
•Resistance to penetration (The force shall be not less than 15 N)
•Resistance to damage or leakage after dropping
•Fill line indicator (Not greater than 85%)
•Labelling and marking
•Instruction for use

The NF mark:
CS, PBS, Nursy, Pocket and Magnum range for sharp and cutting objects containers
comply with NF Mark issued by LNE.
The Laboratoire National d’Essai (LNE) created Mark NF, applicable to containers
for infectious or perforating waste derived from care activities (effective from 23
october 2002).
NF products quality is always under control, with production tests realized by
manufacturers at any step of production and by LNE during annual control (annual
quality audit on the producer, with verification of the right tests implementation) and
during norms conformity tests on the factory samples, but also in hospital
In case of negative test results, LNE can remove the right to use Mark NF.

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