Polyvalent flagella salmonella antisera H Phase 1 & 2 (3.0ml)

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Pro-Lab Diagnostics offers a  comprehensive range of Salmonella slide agglutination antisera in 3.0 ml dropper bottles with shelf lives up to five years from date of manufacture. The range includes a full panel of polyvalent somatic antisera, monovalent somatic antisera, polyvalent flagella antisera and monovalent flagella antisera for traditional slide agglutination testing.

Also available are a range of rapid Salmonella diagnostic sera (RSD) for the initial identification of primary groups of Salmonella. All antisera are presented in colour coded  dropper bottles.

The genus Salmonella contains a wide variety of pathogenic species affecting man and animals world-wide.

Complete identification of Salmonella requires culture isolation, biochemical characterization and serological identification (serotyping).

Pro-Lab polyvalent 'O' (somatic) antisera are intended to aid initial serogrouping.

Full identification of 'O' antigens can be achieved using monovalent specific 'O' antisera . The serotype of Salmonella isolates can then be determined by the use of polyvalent and monovalent 'H' (flagella) antisera.

The principle of the serological identification of Salmonella involves mixing the suspected organism with antiserum containing specific Salmonella antibodies. The bacteria will agglutinate (clump) in the presence of homologous antiserum.


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eclass 32161001
Manufacturer reference PL.6100
UNSPSC code 51212300
Brand Pro-lab
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Reference A18423
Volume 3 ml

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