Calibration service

Reliable service with a clear view of the costs

Novolab offers a reliable service for the maintenance, repair and calibration of your pipettes and dispensers thanks to our own repair service, combined with our network of reliable partners. We support the most common brands of pipettes (Eppendorf, Brand, Finnpipette, Gilson, Biohit...) and Brand's dispensers. So as no one will be taken by surprise, we have set up a transparent system with a clear view of the costs.

Reliable service with a clear view of the costs


Annual preventive maintenance extends the lifespan of the pipette and minimizes the risk of leaks or other pipette failures. Therefore, every calibration is always preceded by a maintenance, which is included in our calibration price. The certification reports, according to standard ISO 8655 with the possibility of adding a ISO 17025 BELAC certificate, are returned to you together with the perfectly maintained pipette. Calibrations according to your own specifications are also possible.


If you want your pipette to be repaired and the repair cost is less than €80 excluding VAT (excluding calibration and maintenance), the repair will be carried out automatically. If the repair cost is higher, you will receive a quotation before the repair is carried out. If you decide not to carry out the repair, we are obliged to charge an inspection and administration fee of €35 excluding VAT.

You can download the digital application and decontamination form together with the leaflet below.

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In addition to pipette calibrations, we also provide calibration for weighing scales, ovens... Questions about calibrations, on-site calibration or special wishes?

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Team Novolab is here for you
Team Novolab is here for you